Easy Installation

Lightweight easy installation by one technician in three quick and easy steps. Step One - We start by wiring the new lamp into the power source. Step Two - Then we mount the lamp onto the pole and position correctly. Step Three - Finally we tighten the security hardware and we're done. Three steps. Quick and easy.

MaxModular™ Design

Our MaxModular™ design philosophy is the foundation for building innovative, functional and reliable products. Making products that more than work is what drives us to create industry leading lighting products and technologies. We make lights that work better MaxModular™ design focuses on maximizing function and value with the simplest approach possible. Designing towards these goals makes Maxgreen Lights weigh less and work better.

Thermal Management

Great thermal management isn't easy but it is necessary. Heat is the main determinant of LED's ability to maintain luminance. Lamps with bad thermal dynamics will burn up the diodes giving them a shorter life and poor performance. Maxgreen LED Lamps use passive cooling technology that integrates the excellent thermal properties of 6063 aluminum with forced convection cooling currents moving heat from the LED to the surrounding environment. Our thermal management doesn't stop with the Lamp. We design and build our own LED chips to have minimal T-Junction temperatures for longer life and maximum performance.

MaxAdjust™ Brackets

MaxAdjust™ bracket systems make installation easy. Designed to reduce the number of steps for lamp installation, Maxadjust™ Pole and Slimrail™ brackets reduce the time and number of technicians needed to install Maxgreen LED lights. MaxAdjust™ Pole brackets have 120° of articulation and 15 fixed positions. the universal pole adapter makes fit and attachment simple too. Just wire up the light and tighten the bolts to secure the light to the pole. MaxAdjust SlimRail™ bracket makes MFL and MTL installation simple with 360° articulation. Three steps and one technician is all it takes to fully install M | Series lighting with the MaxAdjust Slimrail™ bracket system. Simply attach the Slimrail™ to the mounting surface, slide the light onto the rail, and fix in the desired position.