Bespoke Smart Lighting

At Maxgreen we can make a light for any application. Our MaxModularâ„¢ design philosophy is the foundation for building innovative, functional and reliable products. MaxModularâ„¢ design focuses on maximising function and value with the simplest approach possible. Our engineers are always working to improve our range of products but if you have a specific requirement we are happy to fill it. From custom light distributions designed into the lens to specific electrical requirements, and even colours and finishes. Maxgreen Bespoke Lighting guarantees an efficient lighting solution for any application.

Colour | Temperature

Maxgreen LED lighting uses advanced LED packages that can be configured in a range of colour temperatures. You can order any Maxgreen lamp with either warm, neutral or cool tone LEDs increasing the versatility of the Maxgreen range of products. Find out more

Lens | Options

Maxgreen lenses are made of colourless, silica glass that combines a very low thermal expansion coefficient with excellent optical qualities and an exceptional 98.8% light transmission. Our lenses are made using high purity synthetic amorphous silicon dioxide (SiO2) that is resistant to yellowing, fogging and abrasion. Using computer engineering and light dispersion algorithms, Maxgreen lenses are designed with uniform light patterns, reduced internal refraction and precise light direction Find out more