Maxgreen LED Lighting Product Catalogue

When we began work on Maxgreen LED, we considered every element that affects the efficiency of the lamp — heat sinks, power supplies, housing materials, lenses and LED substrates. Then we challenged ourselves to find the best, most efficient way possible to engineer each one of them. > Product Range Catalogue - 7.6MB PDF

Maxgreen MSL Range Brochure

Maxgreen introduces a range of ultra efficient LED street and area lighting that can be used in any outdoor environment, offering high levels of customisation for incredibly low cost. The MSL Range is designed on the premise that versatility, reliability and lifetime cost are the most important factors for industrial grade lighting. > MSL Range Brochure - 5.1MB PDF

Maxgreen Spec Sheets

MFL | 1

> MFL 1 3L Spec Sheet - 1.3MB PDF > MFL 1 5L Spec Sheet - 1.6MB PDF > MFL 1 8L Spec Sheet - 1.6MB PDF

Maxgreen Warranty

> 5 year warranty terms