Engineers with a Passion for Design

When we engineer new products we don’t start with off-the-shelf solutions, we start with real problems. By focusing our dedicated team of engineers, designers, and lighting professionals on a common goal we create tailored solutions that work better for our customers. Reducing waste and delivering more is part of our fundamental philosophy.

With over 20 years experience manufacturing advanced electronics, our team uses bold thinking to engineer simple solutions. We believe good ideas seem obvious. Our products are designed with the end-user in mind. Simple wiring solutions, easy access to components, and upgradable designs are some of the features that make Maxgreen lighting products shine.

Many of our customers are industrial companies, municipalities, transportation providers, and governments.  Providing solutions that save money, reduce labor and maintenance requirements, and last for decades is what keeps them coming back.

We believe there is a smart solution for everyone’s lighting needs. Get in contact with us to see how we can solve yours.


Ivan Foti: Co Founder and Design Director.

Nicholas Anwyl Davies: International Sales Director.

Lightweight. Intelligent. Reliable.

Bringing a fresh perspective to commercial and industrial LED lighting design.

  • Energy saving

    Our products focus on maximizing energy consumption. This means creating products that operate at peak efficiency. We focus on relevant metrics like efficiency (lm/w) and power factor to ensure that everything me make meets our high standards for energy saving.
  • New Products. Bespoke solutions

    Our product line is constantly improving and growing. As we identify new technologies we integrate them to improve product efficiency. You can always be sure your Maxgreen lighting products are using the latest and greatest in LED technology.
  • Designed from the ground up.

    Maxgreen does not use off-the-shelf components or designs. Every component in our lights are engineered and built to work together; from the LED driver to the LEDs. This high level of integration ensures Maxgreen products work at peak efficiency, reliability and are upgradable. Its not the easiest way to make lights but we believe its the best.
  • Pushing boundaries

    We are constantly pushing the boundaries of lighting technologies. Focusing on efficiency, Maxgreen offers solutions to save energy, time, and money. We use innovative green technologies to offer off-grid and grid-backup lighting solutions along with intelligent lighting that adjusts to save you even more.
  • Applied intelligence

    With intelligence applied, we have increased the municipal street light to an 85% + reduction in comparative grid-supplied energy usage. This same light has now proven itself in an off-grid trial using renewable solar energy.
  • Worlwide conversions

    We work with customers around the world to meet their lighting needs. No matter where your project is located, we will work with you to ensure you can use Maxgreen's reliable efficient lighting products. From tunnels in Austria, oil rigs in Gabon and schools in the USA Maxgreen is there.
  • Local manufacture and assembly

    With imported key components, lights can be produced in-country providing local manufacturing jobs and qualifying for local subsidies. The ability to justifiably accredit and brand our products as ‘Made in _____' is good for your community and bottom line.
  • Surpassing Industry Standards

    We engineer our products to be the best. All maxgreen products are CE certified and manufactured to TUV and ISO:9000 standards.

Who We Work With

Real world applications of our products.